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I offer large scale, artistic, and residential painting services.

Tips for Choosing Color
Go with something existing The turquoise color below was pulled from some blue wallpaper located just outside the bedroom.
Limit your color choices The bedroom below looks colorful but only has (2) colors: purple and light blue. The grey walls can go with any color choices.
Use simple combinations ...and grow from there. Grey is a super calming color that's underused. Start with a really simple pallet of greys, or whites and then just add several instances of the same color, then very rare instances of a 3rd complementing color.
Turn up the volume As your confidence grows with the above tips, just do more of the same. Heighten your choices and see how far you can push yourself!
How Much Does it Cost?
  • Paint your bedroom for $200
  • Paint a whole one bedroom apartment one color $1000-$1500